The Wren.

In a style inspired by Tiffany glass, the six-page booklet is a simple introduction to the Wren

These are now available as a set of cards on my Etsy page.

The Mouse Story


A work in progress about a lost mouse.


A regular visitor

Archie the pheasant has been coming into our garden for a few years now from about February.  Occasionally he brings a hen or two with him and once another smaller male. For a few months he turns up once or twice a day to be fed sunflower seeds, he won’t quite eat out of my hand but gets very close. He has been known to peck at the door sill,  we imagine it is to attract our attention if we are to slow to come out and feed him but he has probably just found something good to eat. Then towards the end of April the visits become less frequent and by June he doesn’t come at all, although we can still hear him calling in the fields.



The Starling are our winter visitors, I look forward to them arriving each October. They sit on the telephone lines and chatter and swoop across the fields in great flocks.  Here is a link to my blog post explaining how I painted them. Starlings


I also have an edited version which fits better on standard sized paper. It can be found on my Etsy page.

Animal Poems

Illustrations for a book of animal poems.

And Other Animals



Golden Eagle:-



Cockerel and Hens.

Autumn Birds

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