Milk Churn for Cornwall Hospice Care.

Back in April 2021 I received an invitation to paint a milk churn in aid of Cornwall Hospice Care. Artists from all over Cornwall were asked to paint the churns that would then go on display around Cornwall and finally be auctioned off to raise funds for the two hospices.

As the time is now drawing near for the auction, 21st September, I thought I would give a little description and a few photos of how my particular churn went.

My usual medium for painting is watercolour but that was not going to work for an aluminium churn, so acrylic it was. The hardest part was choosing what aspect of Cornwall to paint, I eventually decided on Bodmin Moor, I wanted to capture the feeling of ancient silence that it gives me. I chose the cool blues and greens to create a misty atmosphere and added just a few details of the moor. For the lid I decided to paint Trevethy Quoit, ancient stones being such a part of the history of the area.

In April this year the churns were distributed around Cornwall to be exhibited, this one is at the Jamaica Inn, on Bodmin moor, which is appropriate. On the 15th September they will be gathered up and taken to Truro for the Auction in Truro Cathedral. Hopefully my churn will raise some money for the Hospice.

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