This is the subject that I return to again and again, I have a very odd and very large collection of photographs of wild flowers, weeds and weird trees. You never know when you might need to see a plantain squeezing it’s self out from between two paving slabs. It is also handy to take pictures of things from odd angles as it may be a tiny creature or some flying animal who’s viewpoint needs to be painted.


Snow drops by the gate.

Every year before the leaves grow back on the hedge by our front gate, the snowdrops grow around the foot of the hawthorn and hazel bushes. Each year I look forward to it because it means that Spring is on it’s way.


The verge of spring.

This was my first hedgerow painting. One morning early in the year,  waiting with my children for the school bus we were looking at the banks on the side of the road.  There were many plants just beginning to come back to life after the Winter and scattered amongst them were these little purple violets, so I just had to capture the mini jungle that was right on our doorstep.

Bridging the Foweysm

Bridging the Fowey

These next three paintings were all inspired by an Autumn walk in the woods at Golitha on the edge of Bodmin Moor, where the river Fowey runs through it. 

Golitha rivuletsm

Golitha rivulet.

Steps across the Foweysm

Steps across the Fowey.






Blackberry bramble.


Autumn hedgerow.

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