2 thoughts on “Prints are available here

  1. Hello, I bought a print of a little corner of St Ives. It has what I assume is your writing on the back with the title, your name and your worm.
    Would I see your writing on the rear of all your prints? It’s a lovely print but slightly shifted as in I have seen more of the far left hand side window of the house on the left on other prints. Still, i’m very happy with it. Thanks in anticipation Julian


    • Hello, thank you for getting in touch, I’m glad you like the print of St Ives. I had a look through my images and yes it does appear to take a couple of mm from the left hand side of the print. I’m not sure why this is yet, I will have to investigate. Also yes, I always sign the back of my prints with the name of the image, my name and my worm.


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