A Hundred Days of Art, day 52

 Foxy, this is one part of four illustrations for a poem by Don Moore. The Hedgerow Watcher.             https://hellopoetry.com/poem/1548247/the-hedgerow-watcher/

Below is a link for a blog I did a while back about the illustrations.



A Hundred Days of Art, day 51.

A very unseasonable one today, this is a design for a Christmas card from a couple of years ago. It is time for me to start thinking about this years cards, it always seems strange trying to feel festive in July.

A Hundred Days of Art, day 49

Today it is my Starlings, I love their chatter and miss them in the summer. Come November there will be huge flocks of them in the fields and if they are disturbed they rise together and stream overhead with a deafening beating of wings.

A Hundred Days of Art, day 38.

Another page from my little Wren book. There are at least two wrens in the garden, they are usually seen searching for insects in the nooks and crannies of the old stone wall. This one is in watercolour and ink.

A Hundred Days of Art, day 33.

Today it is Archie, we named him three years ago when he started coming to the garden to be fed. So his name has nothing to do with a certain baby. He taps on the door to get my attention and then eats sunflower hearts from my hand.