A Hundred Days of Art, day 100.

The last one today is the owl from the mouse story, it is one of my favourites. This has been an interesting project, it has helped me to hear peoples thoughts. Thank you for all the support, the likes and the shares and thank you to Lisa White at Art Mash for the idea. Another series of paintings is being planned but it will be a few days.

A Hundred Days of Art, day 96.

Just along the coast, Tintagel Castle, legendary birthplace of King Arthur.   The castle is built on a rugged, windswept ‘almost’ island on the North Cornwall shore. It is a wonderful place to visit for the day if you love to scramble down hillsides and clamber up stone steps and can imagine being  there 1500 years ago. It has it’s own beach with a waterfall and a huge cave (Merlins Cave) that floods at high tide. It is also really good to paint, as I have, several times.


A Hundred Days of Art, day 94.

This is a little line and wash landscape using watercolour and ink. I find line and wash enjoyable as the picture comes together quickly, where as usually each piece will take days, the hardest part is to resist the inclination to put in to much detail.